Breitling eta movement

The ETA in its current version ETA is the epitome of a workhorse offering not only outstanding reliability, but also considerable durability. The most recent iteration of the series has been manufactured in large batches since Needless to say, any hiccups have long since dissipated. While more often than not high precision is achieved at the expense of robustness, the combines both characteristics due to its relatively simple but highly effective design.

Most notably, the is reputed not only for its accuracy but also for remaining relatively constant at any position of the watch under varying conditions. The ETA also has a leg up on other movements not just in part thanks to its widespread usage, but also because spare parts are easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive. Due to its profound success it has often been copied by other manufacturers, even from those hailing from Switzerland. This movement was first developed in the s and since then, numerous watch manufacturers have come to place their trust in the reliable service of the Valjoux In addition to its large dimensions, it also boasts 30 millimeters in diameter and 7.

Thanks to its robustness, its accuracy, and an excellent value for money countless manufacturers have come to rely upon the This is especially relevant for smaller manufacturers and one of the more important reasons for using the In addition to the and thethe A2 is also among the most common calibres produced by ETA.

Aside from its flatter structure, its design also shares similarities with the The is often used for flagship model series of brands in the medium to upper price segment.

Especially by those who either do not have the necessary know-how for the production of manufacture movements or cannot produce a calibre for their own use in sufficient quantities yet.

The often serves as a basis for intricate watches since it is thinner in comparison with the ETA The movement stays compact even if additional components such as simpler program cogs or complex switching mechanisms are added. The ETA in its current version, theis a hand-wind movement with 17 jewels and the 42 hour power reserve typical of ETA.

With a measurement of only 3. Apart from the absence of the rotor and a date display, the is similar to the in its design. The movement can also be found in the Meistersinger Einzeigeruhr No. The ETA is a calibre based on the ETA and while it not only has a date function, it also features a weekday indicator.

The most recent version of the houses a stop second device and can be upgraded to a GMT calibre with a second time zone. Just as not every watch with a features a date display, there are also watches in which the is used, even when their dials do not permit a weekday display e.

The adaptation of the classic timepiece is often found in manufacturers such as Mido and Oris in a considerably accessible price segment.The rivalry between in-house and ETA movements is decades old. However, it seems to be more prevalent in recent years as growing numbers of manufacturers create their own calibers in-house.

As a result, in-house movements have become an increasingly attractive selling point for consumers. Part of the issue lies in the mystery around ETA. Instead, they sell exclusively to brands. Without that direct marketing and engagement with consumers, some stigmas or misconceptions have developed about ETA movements. Over the course of its history spanning two centuries, ETA has gone through its fair share of ups and downs, mergers and consolidations.

breitling eta movement

In the s, the elements that made up the watch industry were quite disconnected. Different artisans made each individual component. Then, brands were responsible for procuring each component and assembling them into completed watches.

By the latter half of the century, ebauche factories began to form. They produced partially assembled movements that contained the basic structural elements without the mainspring or the escapement. The onset of WWI disrupted the more organized system that had started to form in the watch industry. All types of factories, including those making watch components, shifted their focus to manufacturing ammunition.

After the war, they were eager to return to business as usual, but the demand in the watch industry had shifted. Soon, there was an oversupply, turnover decreased, competition in other markets grew stronger, and debt amounted. The Swiss watch industry was in trouble. Ina majority of the industry decided to consolidate, ban together, and form the Swiss Watch Federation.

Two years later, three of the largest movement makers established Ebauches SA. Just as things began to look up, the market took another hit with the Great Depression. Bythey had employed over workers and produced roughly two million parts each year. In addition, they expanded beyond ebauches and into watch assembly. Eterna was reluctant to merge with the larger organizations but also saw the advantages. Ultimately, they decided to join, which required them to split into two entities.

Here, ETA focused on automatic calibers, which were quickly growing in popularity. ByETA had founded its own watchmaking school where they could recruit and train their artisans.

For the next few decades, ETA and the Swiss industry began to prosper once again. Next came the onset of the Quartz Crisis in the s and 80s.

ETA pivoted to producing some quartz calibers. However, the power of the Asian market in combination with the oil crisis of the same era still weighed heavily on the Swiss. The Quartz Crisis ultimately resurfaced many of the same issues for the Swiss watch industry that arose in the s. It was time for another restructuring.

However, this time, the Swiss banks were willing to sell the manufacturers along with their patents and heritage to the highest bidder. The Swiss watch industry was almost sold to the Japanese until one man interceded.At the heart of the SuperOcean is the Breitling Caliber 17, based on the ETA automatic movement with quick-set date complication.

It's one of the most robust mechanical movements in the whole Breitling offering. The B17 movement Photo Breitling. Though Breitling is usually not talkative about the kind of tuning they do, it is strongly believed that they use chronometer assortments like Glucidur, Nivarox 1, Nivaflex 1 partsinstall those premium balance and main springs, balance wheel, escapement, fine micrometer regulator assembly, and shock deflectors, and submit the movement to the COSC for certification.

At a cadence of 28, BPHit ticks fast, but you should still see 8 discrete movements of the second's hand per second. The B17 is silent and quiet: you probably won't feel not hear the rotor on your wrist. It has a bi-directional winding, which makes it a bit more efficient than mono-directional winding on a winder, it needs revolutions per day, where some other common calibers need It contains 25 jewels, and has a power reserve of 42 hours.

breitling eta movement

It's also very accurate, and since Breitling started certificating all their production by the COSC in earlyall the later SuperOceans including SuperOcean Professional have their movement tested and certified as Chronometer. Check out the reference number of your SuperOcean on your caseback : if it's xx it's COSC certified; if it's xx it's not. Information about chronometer certification never appeared on the dialunlike some more recent Breitlings like my BA while back, I wrote an article on my top 5 iconic chronograph watches.

However, I do love the Zenith El Primero movement, and think that its reputation as a great chronograph caliber is well-earned. So, to make it up for some of you fellow watch nerds out there, here I focus specifically on chronograph movements rather than watches.

Although it does not include the latest chronograph movements, it is still a useful article covering many important aspects of chronographs. The book dates from and offers good — albeit very technical — descriptions of the various chronograph movements out there.

My personal Top 10 contains in-house manufactured movements as well as mass-produced movements from manufacturers such as Lemania. Other considerations include aesthetics and other attributes, all based on my experience in watch collecting over the last 15 years.

Most chronographs at the time of its introduction were ticking at 18, vph or 21, vph. The El Primero movement as we know it today is an evolution of the very first Caliber movements. If you are really into chronographs, you need at least one watch with this movement inside it. It has no column-wheel mechanism and it even has some plastic parts inside.

The reason that I put this particular movement at number 2 is that it is a no-nonsense workhorse, with central second and minute chronograph hands for easier readinga hour hand, and a day-date feature. This movement was discontinued a few years ago, which apparently brought a few chronograph collectors nearly to tears.

Tutima is one of the brands that has used it for a very long time, even after the discontinuation of its production. Lemania also created its own chronograph watches in the past that contained this movement. Word is that Fortis, Sinn and Tutima used this particular movement because it was the only one at the time meeting military requirements for chronograph watches.

Photo from Watchconcept. Another Lemania, but very different than the Of course, the Patek Philippe CH looked very different from the Omega Caliber in terms of its finish, but both are based on that very same Lemania movement. Speedmaster fans crave the original Caliberwhich Omega replaced in with Caliber also based on a Lemania movementwhich had a lever mechanism instead of a column wheel.

Photo courtesy of SteveG. BeforeRolex used hand-wound Valjoux Caliber 72 chronograph movements, and modified Zenith El Primero movements, for its Cosmograph Daytona watches.

10 Classic Chronograph Movements

Fully developed and manufactured in-house, this automatic chronograph chronometer movement is solid as a rock and cleverly engineered.If a movement is the heart of a watch, then ETA movements arguably beat at the very core of the Swiss luxury watch industry. In recent years, watchmakers have started to place greater emphasis on creating their own in-house movements.

In turn, some people have developed certain connotations with ETA and written them off as being lesser than. ETA is an indispensable part of the industry, and their movements play a significant role in luxury watches.

Today, a majority of watch brands source these movements to power their watches. That year, two men named Dr. Joseph Girard and Urs Schild founded a movement manufacturer. Two decades later inthey named the company Eterna. ByEterna had divided into two entities. The first was a watchmaking facility called Eterna SA. It was then that ETA was officially born.

W97247 Inside a Breitling Movement

Through a complex series of mergers and buyouts over the years, ETA has since become a subsidiary of Swatch Group. This unique set of circumstances has paved the way for these movements to be the most prolific watch calibers today.

Some watch brands do in fact produce their own movements entirely in-house. However, many place their names on modified ETA movements. To design, develop, and manufacture a watch caliber completely in-house is expensive and time-consuming. Some people believe that the best watch movements can only come from watchmakers that produce them entirely in-house.

Others would argue ETA has better quality control, and their movements are more reliable, accurate, and time-tested.

breitling eta movement

Plenty of industry veterans recognize the steadfast performance of ETA mechanical movements. They produce calibers in different grades and with the top specs, like COSC certification. These movements are arguably some of the best available, regardless of where your opinion stands. The is one of best-known ETA movements. The is a self-winding movement with a hour power reserve.

You can find it in watches produced by brands like Tudor and Breitling. However, its thinner construction makes it a more premium option, particularly for chronograph models. IWC and Omega are just two of the brands who employ the Perhaps the most famous of the ETA calibers is the Valjoux automatic chronograph movement. The unique design also makes it easier to produce in large quantities.

Aside from a few exceptions, the Valjoux powers most mechanical chronographs produced from mid onwards.Breitling is a chronograph specialist that has played a key role in the technical development of this complication, including by inventing the two independent pushpieces and by presenting the first selfwinding chronograph The firm belongs to the highly exclusive circle of watch manufacturers possessing their very own mechanical chronograph movements: a range of high-performance in-house made calibers endowed with useful and user-friendly functions including innovative dual-time and worldtime systemsand accompanied by an exceptional five-year warranty.

Breitling has chosen to explore new paths in manufacturing its own chronograph movements. Inspired by an avant-garde concept used in other cutting-edge sectors and duly adapted to watch industry, the firm has developed an industrial production-chain system that revolutionizes traditional movement assembly.

Each movement is individually monitored by an ultra-sophisticated software program that automatically directs it towards the appropriate work station, along a route alternating between fully automated stations and others requiring manual intervention. All the adjustment phases are also integrated within this process, which means that each movement emerging from the chain is ready to face the stringent tests conducted by the COSC.

Breitling thereby guarantees the reliability of its "instruments for professionals", including in large-scale production.

To guarantee absolutely reliable read-off by the COSC Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute test instruments, each movement must be fitted with a white working dial and a black seconds hand. The movements are individually wound once a day using a machine that turns the crown according to a predetermined number of rotations.

Precision is measured by a robot that reads the position of the seconds hand. Each individually numbered movement is tested during 15 consecutive days and nights. Navitimer The icon for pilots. Aviator 8 Aviation pioneer. Superocean Heritage Style at sea. Superocean Ultimate diving. Premier Urban elegance. Avenger Extreme performance. Chronomat Sporty elegance.

Professional Instruments for professionals. Galactic Casual style. Send my watch for service. User manuals. Find your Breitling. Customer service. Accessibility Website We have detected a high font-size in the configuration of your web browser. Would you like to access the Breitling Accessibility Website?

Yes No, thank you.In-depth coverage of vintage and modern watches, delivered straight to your inbox every weekend. Deep dives into important watches and stories, and curated links of everything else you need to know.

But, ETA movements can be found in watch brands big and small and have played a critical role in the explosion of microbrands over the last few years. It sports a hour power reserve and runs at 28, bph 4Hz.

Enough about the movement. The movement is not chronometer certified, but Tudor has a solid reputation for modifying supplied movements to fit its watches.

For now though, this Black Bay line offers a versatile everyday watch for wrists of all sizes. For more, visit Tudor. From a versatile everyday watch to the perfect weekend watch. Hamilton is owned by Swatch Group, so it makes sense the brand would use ETA movements, but Hamilton has also introduced its own H movement in some newer Khaki Field watches.

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Movements made by ETA SA – an Overview of 10 of the Most Popular Calibres

For more, visit Sinn. Like Sinn, Stowa has made a name for itself by focusing on case and dial design, and leaving the movements to ETA, Sellita, and other manufacturers. But, the Marine 36 and 40the Partitio, the Antea Klassikother variations of the Flieger also feature the workhorse movement.

The Flieger Classic 36 and 40 both feature blue steel hands, a sapphire crystal, and superluminova markings. For more, visit Stowa. As mentioned, access to cheaper, quality movements like the ETA has led to a boom in microbrands.

What is an ETA movement?

One brand excelling at bringing affordable mechanical movements to the masses is Raven, based in Kansas. The watches are offered with a variety of dial and hand colors, but all come with a stainless steel case and bracelet. For more, visit Raven Watches. There are a number of microbrands we thought about including, but we wanted to feature watches that are currently available, i. This means the Halios Seaforthamong others was not included. We also did not include any watches from independent Ochs und Juniorwhich uses the ETA as the base for its models.

For example, the Ochs und Junior Perpetual Calendar requires just 9 additional parts to its ETA base, a truly awesome engineering achievement.


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